About Caterpillar Ejuice

“Do what you love and love what you do.” Caterpillar Ejuice grew through enjoying freedom from smoking combined with an appreciation for delicious flavors. In spring of 2012, the founder started experimenting with the beginning versions of recipe profiles that are used today in Caterpillar Ejuice’s high quality products. While majoring in chemical engineering, he observed the electronic cigarette industry take off, realizing that he had talent to contribute. He had already stopped smoking with the help of ecigs and had been making his own ejuice for months. The flavors he developed were better than anything he could find on the market. He recognized that with better flavors, the product could reach more people who wanted to stop smoking.

What to call this new brand of ejuice? The Caterpillar from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, enveloped by a wreath of smoke, seemed a fantastic theme and became the company logo.

About The Product

All of our products are made with premium ingredients after extensive research to consistently create and maintain a high standard e juice that is safe for our customers.  We are constantly testing our products and working hard to develop and improve our e juice.  Our flavors are gourmet and custom- designed to ensure you will find no comparable e juice.  All of our products are manufactured in a clean room with a sanitary environment, as customer safety is are our primary goal.